4 Steps to Appealing a Financial Aid Decision

4 Steps to Appealing a Financial Aid Decision

You have invested hours placing the touches that are final your applications, and you got into your dream school. All that hard work paid off!

But sometimes dissecting your educational funding package can make you wanting a small something more. That’s completely understandable. Since a package is just an offer, there is no reason to first accept it without giving it some idea. I usually ask students and parents that are unhappy by having a educational funding offer if they’ve considered making an appeal.

My goal isn’t to send you running towards the financial aid office convinced that you will get more cash in the event that you simply ask for it. It can literally pay to be prepared. Below are a few items to bear in mind before you start your appeal.

Determine Whether You Will Need It

To obtain more money, you will need to think things through very carefully. Whenever you can easily spend the money for quantity the faculty says you need to spend, there is little opportunity they https://cheaptermpapers.net/ are going to throw more cash your way — the help package might be very cheaptermpapers.net good already. Understand that you are pitching your case up to a school funding officer (FAO) that knows how reasonable it really is. Be realistic and admit in the event your expected contribution is reasonable or perhaps not before continuing.

However if you’re facing the actual prospect of perhaps not attending your dream school as a result of money, or if two likewis Continue reading “4 Steps to Appealing a Financial Aid Decision”